The Art of  Socializing! 


Art Gallery

Paint Party 101

Join us in the Art Advocacy movement! 

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  • Invite your favorite people!
  • Provide space, tables & chairs
  • Plan for simple refreshments
  • Pick your favorite painting 
  • Paint for FREE!​
  • Keep it fun & affordable
  • Accommodate any size group
  • Work with you to customize your event 
  • Bring all supplies including table & floor coverings​
  • Provide all set up and clean up

What you do:

What we do:

hosting a party is easy!

Celebrate the colors of Spring & Summer! We have gorgeous spring florals, tweets and trees, and recently added new fun summer selections. 

Our Events

We specialize in creating custom events. Perfect for you and your guests! 

- Adult In-Home Parties

- Corporate Celebrations

- Team Building Events

- Children's Events 

- Conferences & Conventions

- Fundraisers

- Public & Community Events

   .......and more!