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Art Gallery

Paint Party 101

Join us in the Art Advocacy movement! 

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  • Invite your favorite people!
  • Provide space, tables & chairs
  • Plan for simple refreshments
  • Pick your favorite painting 
  • Paint for FREE!​
  • Keep it fun & affordable
  • Accommodate any size group
  • Work with you to customize your event 
  • Bring all supplies including table & floor coverings​
  • Provide all set up and clean up

What you do:

What we do:

hosting a party is easy!

Love is in the air! We have a fun new selection full of lovely painting selections. We have several seasonal and customer favorites in our gallery! 

Our Events

We specialize in creating custom events. Perfect for you and your guests! 

- Adult In-Home Parties

- Corporate Celebrations

- Team Building Events

- Children's Events 

- Conferences & Conventions

- Fundraisers

- Public & Community Events

   .......and more!